Friday, January 18, 2013

Part Two of Many More to Come on Success

The second interview was conducted with a dear old neighbor of mine.  "Bob" is a “Communications Specialist”, does private work for NSA, CIA and other acronyms, retired Army Ranger – Vietnam Vet and is currently 69 years old.  During our lunch meeting, I asked Bob to tell me the most important pieces or keys of his success, below is what he revealed.

Ø  "Susan", his wife

Ø  Mental Toughness, earned it in Ranger School @ Ft. Benning, GA

Ø  Self Belief, if you do possess it, it is hard to convey confidence to others

Ø  Networking outside what most would consider your normal circle, meet new people. Listen & learn from them

Ø  Information & knowledge always win, never quit learning was what I took away

Ø  Become the Asset / Keeper of the knowledge, but then share it with those willing to learn from you

Ø  "Mr. Johnson / "Susan’s" father / great scientist, worked with Einstein, worked on weird & unique things for the GOV back in the day

Ø  Be structured and disciplined, I correlated this to Jim Rohn & John Maxwell about being intentional

Ø  Be  connector of people / Similar to my theory of connecting X & Y to get to Z

Ø  Do not be afraid to spend some of your earnings, buy some things you want & like, otherwise, you can’t take it with you, basically is what I took away

Ø  Never look back.  "Bob" described it as being a successful bank robber, having the confidence of living and never having to look back

The more time I get to spend with high quality people like "Bob", the more I know I will never be through soaking it all in.

Maybe this sparked a though or two for you, if so ...  Enjoy.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Success Interviews: Part One

About a year ago I started to spend a great deal of time studying the people that were in or are in my life that I think are successful. Not them thinking so and telling me, but my own view and ideas about their success.

Interviewee number one is a dear friend, about 70 years old, I am 48 just for the record, and is once retired from the wonderful world of Mechanical Service Contracting, an industry that I work in as well.

Jim sold his company to a larger entity as part of a roll-up they were doing in his area, that being Connecticut. He and his wife worked many years to build it into the success that it was, he sold it and walked away.

The irony is he had several children, who although adults at the time of the sale, wanted no part of the family business ... Now, two of the three kids own their on Mechanical Service Contracting firm, Go Figure!

Jim now works part time for one of the kids and keeps himself occupied and stirring the pot.

We have spent a great deal of time together, we usually end up talking about our mutual chosen professions, to that point, he was one of the first people that popped into my head when I started thinking about this series of interviews I wanted to conduct.

This exchange occurred via e-mail, but knowing him as I do, I could literally hear his voice as I was reading his words.

The initial question to Jim, as to all that you will read about in this series was:

What are the three big things that you attribute to the success you have had?

His answers were:

There are several reasons I attribute to the success of my company. You can pick and choose the three but I feel they are all important.

Ø Surround yourself with talented people and then let them do their job.

Ø Be honest with your employees and customers. Integrity is most important.

Ø Your work ethic should lead the way. You must be the leader. Employees will follow.

Ø Treat employees with respect. Care about them and their family.

Ø Build long term relationships with customers.

Ø Constant communication with your existing customers

Ø Being able to recognize trends in the economy. React before it happens.

Ø Success happens with a certain amount of luck. I took advantage when it happened.

Ø found out that when I first started my business I was the most important person. After I hired employees they were the most important. We are nothing without them.

Ø Share the wealth!

Greg I hope this helps in your project. This certainly was the ingredients for my success. There are many more but you’ll have to wait until my book comes out!
As I reads this response, it is verbatim, I couldn't help think that Jim had lived up to the quote on the embedded picture and quote of Albert Einstein above. Jim is a class act and a gentleman for sharing his words with me, I hope you can take something from them and apply to your world as they make sense.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Learning From some of The Best

Over the past few months, I have interviewed several people that are in my life, either that I knew pretty well before this exercise or having gotten to know at a deeper level since starting this process.

The basis that generated the idea that I was searching for was simple:  This handful of folks I know whom I consider successful, what is it, from their prospective, that lead them to this place in life.

The range of professions of these fine people is very diverse, oddly enough, one of them is a once retired, now re-active, as in working again, member of the HVAC community that I so cherish.  There in lies a man who has done "Communications" work for DOD, Special Forces, CIA, etc... Yet another, CEO of a large corporation that happens to be based in Charlotte, NC where I reside.

I am in the midst of sorting all of the data out, their ideas, thoughts, do's, dont's and even some things that would humble anyone.  Please follow along as the information takes shape and is posted here within.

This will be fun.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Remembering to Celebrate the SMALL Things

Yesterday, Friday, January 4th, 2013 was really a great day.  Not perfect, just great.  In the nearly 14 years of AirTight's existence, the day may have been one of the best.

To be sure, 2012 was a tough year, we did fine financially and revenue was OK, made a little money, etc...  But coming out of the gate as strong as we did, just in the partial first work week of the year was just huge, for me and I think for many of the AirTightans as well.

We received signed maintenance agreements, Shonda, our VP of Op's, along with Kate & crew getting their plan together for a great year, some of the Energy Products and folks we are interfacing with, etc... Just freaking awesome.  I can't name everyone here, but most all of the company is just on a LARGE roll, good momentum to be #Thankful for.

Stay tuned here for many more updates on our progress, several announcements will are imminent as to what we are doing Energy wise.

Until then, smooth sailing and if not, good life vests are a must!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to Normal

Well ... sort of. 

Today is Wednesday, seems like a Monday, although the workforce or most of it it seems, is still on vacation - holiday.

Many of the worlds folks did go in to the office, cranked up the MacBook and or crashed Starbucks to re-ignite where they left off before the holidays.  Those of us who did, got a lot done due to the relative small crowd.

I am ready to roll for 2013, it is going to be a great year.  We have some really cool products that we have partnered with some folks on and a couple of new relationships in the budding stage.  to stay tuned in.

Learning everyday as we go ... I'll take that any day.